Burning the Midnight Coal

To accommodate for park-and-ride commuters, the station features a sizable parking garage at Northgate – sizable enough that it was our largest concrete bwin live casino onlinepour on record. Absher President Dan Absher and COO Jeff Richards cooked and served a midnight barbecue for the team during their all-night pour.

To the Rescue

People-first means that first, we care about our people. So when Absher carpenter Hai Duong noticed a coworker wasn’t feeling well, he did the right thing: he brought his co-worker to a safe area to recover. And when the co-worker began to feel chest pains, Hai’s safety training kicked-in and he sprang into action. He caught his foreman’s attention and quickly bwin live casinoexplained the situation without leaving his colleague’s side. His foreman, Brett Dunton, immediately called for emergency services. Brett continued to keep Mike engaged while following the operator’s instructions to provide first aid. Brett also radioed for help, and Brent Ostler and Mat Peterson ensured emergency services would be able to locate them. They also took down pertinent information so when paramedics arrived, they were aware of important information in case their colleague lost consciousness. From bwin login casinowhen Hai saw something was wrong to when the medics arrived all happened in a short 5-minute span. Thanks to the care and efforts of our team, we’re happy to report that there was a full recovery, and that our co-worker-in-need returned to work in his regular job capacity.